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Joint guarantee loan
About the Product
Three or more borrowers jointly apply to our credit center for loans. Each borrower assumes joint liability for the other borrowers’ loans by paying a deposit or by combining other methods of guarantee.

Target Customers
SMEs that are concentrated in a specialized market or a certain industry, have no mortgages, but are in good credit standing.

Marketing Strategy
1) Without a physical mortgage, each borrower assumes joint liability for the loans that other borrowers have obtained from our credit center;
2) Based on a joint guarantee, the loan provides an interest rate well below other credit loans;
3) Probably led by organizations such as chambers of commerce, trade associations, SME bureaus, and the management committees of development zones, such loans enable us to broaden cooperation with intermediary agencies and thus bridge the information gap with customers;
4) The percent of the deposit must be 10% at least. If the property mortgage's value reaches 50% or higher of the loan, no deposit is required for the borrower.
5) Each member of the joint guarantee generates an annual sales turnover of at least RMB20 million.
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