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Pay-as-you-go service
About the Product
The pay-as-you-go service enables a borrower to borrow and repay loans within the required limit through our online corporate banking system.

1) Allows the borrower to borrow and repay loans 24/7;
2) Enables the borrower to borrow and repay any amount of the loan within the limit based on its own conditions;
3) Provides the highest level of security based on U-key.

Target Customers
Small enterprises that are performing well. Generally, these companies exceed our average credit qualification level, are sensitive to funding costs or have difficulties with marketing due to fierce competition.

Marketing Strategy
1) We are the first in the industry to enable small enterprises to borrow and repay loans through online corporate banking;
2) The service enables customers to flexibly allocate their funds based on business needs and minimize financial costs without going through complex procedures for each transaction.
3) Our online banking system provides an industry-leading level of security for customers’ funds;
4) Through the service, small enterprises that demand funds cyclically can optimally allocate their funds and reduce financial costs, thus helping us attract more customers.

1) The borrower applies for a credit line for self-service loans;
2) We respond to the request;
3) The borrower applies for the online corporate banking service if necessary;
4) The borrower applies for the self-service loan feature if necessary;
5) The borrower accesses the loan online if the request is approved;
6) The borrower replays the loan online.

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