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About CMB's Credit Cards
In December 2002,CMB issued China’s first international-standard dual-currency credit card, which opened a new era of the credit card consumption market in China.

In order to meet the need of different customers, CMB Credit Card Center has issued standardized credit cards, high-class credit cards, fashion credit cards, cartoon credit cards, social network credit cards, online game credit cards, travel credit cards as well as several business credit cards.

As China’s first bank ever to establish the customer service system based on the principle of 7*24*365, CMB Credit CardCenter never stop upgrading service pattern. CMB was the first to offer the ‘transaction reminder’ service in 2004; the first to initiate the ‘lost card insurance’ service in 2006; the first to put forth a new theory of’Quintuple Safety’ in 2007; the first to launch the Wechat Service Platform in 2013. Moreover, in 2019, CMB Credit Card Center innovated the intelligent interactive product ‘CMB Assistant’ with the help of ‘AI + Data’, which transferred the manual customer service from the telephone to mobile APP.

In 2019, CMB Credit Card upgraded its CMBLife APP to the latest version 8.0. For now, CMBLife App owned over 90 million card-bound users with over 45 million monthly active users, which occupied the first place in the credit card APPs in China.

CMB Credit Card has formulated three visions: to provide the best payment experience in China, to be the best expert of consumer finance in China, and to build the leading diversified marketing platform in China. Meanwhile, CMB Credit Card has also received multiple honors and rewards, including the ‘most popular credit card among multimillionaires’ issued by Hurun Report for 16 consecutive years, the first Chinese enterprise to receive the award of ‘Best Worldwide Call Center’ and ‘Five-star Service’ award. The promotion and management strategy of CMB Credit Card was selected into the list of ‘instructive teaching cases of the MBA of Harvard Business School’..
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