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Smart service system
As for the smart credit card service system, the Company continued to explore the ecological layout of 1+N services of emerging channels by focusing on CMB Life APP and complementing with third-party channels. In order to sustain the enormous service traffic, the Company leveraged on Big Data and artificial intelligence to create intelligent service robots, traffic distribution and decision-making robots, intelligent agent assistant robots, service analysis robots and quality control robots, covering the five modules namely user insight, traffic distribution, service interaction, demand re-excavation, and management improvement. We integrated the call center service to CMB Life APP, so as to provide audio-visual multimedia interactive services for users and realize the improvement of service efficiency and customer experience. As at the end of the reporting period,As at the end of year 2019, the Company gained a total of 139 million fans through third-party credit card channels (mainly from WeChat, Alipay service window and official QQ account).
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