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CMB Life APP for credit card
During the year 2019, the Company launched CMB Life APP 8.0, with the vision of " connecting the lives, consumption and finance of millions of people”, and on the basis of further enhancing the main business of credit cards, actively explored and expanded content ecosystem quality e-commerce, life with automobile and other living scenarios, so as to reconstruct the connection with the users. As at the end of year 2019, the total number of CMB Life APP users was 91,264,300, of which non-credit card users accounted for 31.51%. During the year 2019, the maximum number of daily active users of CMB Life APP reached 9,035,800 and the number of monthly active users was 46,643,400 as at the end of year 2019. In terms of the number and online activity of customers, CMB Life APP continued to outperform other credit card APPs in the banking industry.
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